Ugotoru 3.1.7 Help


Video List

Videos can be sorted by video information in both descending and ascending display order by date, title, or video length.
Filter Search
The videos displayed in this screen can be filtered by video information such as video type, duration, or day of the week.
<video types>
Camera Roll Videos stored in Camera Roll
In-app Videos imported into Ugotoru by iTunes
※How to import

Videos imported from other apps
iPod Home videos imported with iTunes and videos purchased at iTunes
Sets this video information display to grid or list format.
Tag Select
Limit videos displayed to those with a specific tag.
This is set to “All” upon startup.
Tap the middle of the navigation bar on the top of the screen (where the tag name is displayed) to display the tag list.
Tag List
You can "Add" / "Rename" / "Delete" tag on the list.

[How to add new tag]

  1. Tap the center of navigation bar.
  2. Tap "+ New Tag" in Tag List.
  3. Input tag name and tap "Add" button.

[How to rename tag]

  1. Swipe left on tag name and tap "Rename".
  2. Input new tag name and tap "Rename" button.

[How to delete tag]

  1. Swipe left on tag name and tap "Delete".
  2. Tap "Delete" button.
    (Tagged videos will not be deleted)
With a specific tag other than “All” selected, tap “Edit” on the left side of the navigation bar to enter tagging and editing mode.
Set the video that you want to tag to selection mode (orange) and press “Complete” to tag the video.

[How to tag videos]

  1. With a specific tag other than “All” selected, tap “Edit” on the left side of the navigation bar.
  2. Set the video that you want to tag to selection mode (orange) and press “Complete” to tag the video.
Title & Thumbnail
Title and thumbnail can be changed arbitrarily.

[How to change the title]

  1. Long press on the video whose title or thumbnail you want to change.
  2. Tap name field and enter your favorite title and tap "Finish" button.
  3. Tap "Update" button.

[How to change thumbnail]

  1. Tap thumbnail image.
  2. Seek the video to the scene you want to set as a thumbnail and tap "Done" button.
  3. Tap "Update" button.
Cloud videos
Ugotoru displays the "Cloud" icon in the thumbnail image of iCloud video.
When you play these videos, iOS download the video from iCloud server.
This is the iOS standard behavior.
* About iCloud photos

Video Playback

Basic operation

Swipe to manipulate videos
You can easily operate videos by swipe gesture.
Fast RewindFast Forward
Tap to move back or forward 10 frames, hold for fast rewind or fast forward.
Previous FrameNext Frame
Tap for the previous or next frame, or hold for frame-by-frame rewind or playback.
Set playback range
The playback range can be set arbitrarily.
  1. When you tap the start position of the playback range (<), the current playback position is set to the start position of the playback range.
  2. When you tap the outside the playback range (start side), the start position of the playback range returns to the beginning of the video.
    The end side of the playback range can be set in the same way.
Repeat playback
Repeat playback is possible.
  1. Tap inside the playback range (between < and >).
  2. The frame of the playback range turns to orange and the repeat playback mode becomes effective.
Return to the video list screen.
Guide Grid
Displays a grid to be used as a guide.
Flip Horizontal
Displays the video flipped horizontally.
Playback or pause the video.
Displays the video rotated or zoomed in or out.
Frame Capture
Captures the image of the frame currently displayed.
Multiple frames can be captured and outputted in a format similar to a comic strip.
Video Compare Playback
Playback two videos alongside one another.

Scaling Screen

Switching between on (orange) or off (white) limits the changes possible with two-finger operations.
(Example: Turn only rotation on and adjust only the angle with two finger operations.)
Cancel changes and return to the playback screen.
Returns the video to its original arrangement. (Tap the “Confirm” button for this to be represented in the playback screen.)
Confirm the changes and return to the playback screen.

Frame Capture

Temporarily hide the frame capture sheet, which is normally located at the bottom of the screen.
This will keep the frames that have already been captured.
Capture a new frame and add to the keep list (the frames displayed under the hide button).。
Delete the current frame or the entire keep list.
Save or export the entire keep list to another app.
Single Output each frame on the keep list as their own individual independent image.
Vertical Output each frame in the keep list connected vertically.
Horizontal Output each frame in the keep list connected horizontally.

Video Compare Playback Screen

Side by SideOverlaidSmall
Modify the position of the two videos.
Frame Capture
Capture an image of the current frame / display format.
Guide Grid
Displays a grid to be used as a guide.
Adjust the playback position of the reference video (above the thumbnail in the top of the screen).
Use this to match the timing of the two videos to be played.
  1. Adjust the current position of the original video to the position you want to synchronize.
  2. Tap the adjustment button.
  3. Since only the comparison target video becomes operable, adjust the playback position to the position where you want to synchronize with the original video.
  4. After adjusting the position, tap the adjustment button again.

Settings Screen


Ignore Mute-switch
Set the iPhone or iPad to ignore silent mode and force sound to play during video playback.
Enable Time-code in exported images
At the lower right of the frame-by-frame image, the playback position (time) within the video of that frame is output.
Restore last playback settings
For each video, memorize the previous playback setting (playback position, playback speed, playback range, repeat ON / OFF, left / right reversal ON / OFF) and restore it the next play.

Pro mode

Expiration Date
Expiration date for pro mode.
Use points to extend this date.
Get Pro mode
Use points to get pro mode time.


Opens this help screen.
About Ugotoru
Displays the Ugotoru overview that is shown when Ugotoru is first run.
Sends questions and bug reports to the support team.
Please read through this help page before asking any questions.
Displays the our company website as the developers of Ugotoru.
Please also contact us here for media coverage and business partnerships
Displays the version of Ugotoru.

About "Point"

Current point
Tap “XX P” on the right side of the navigation bar to display Point popup.
You can check your current point and get additional point in the popup.
Get additional point
Tap "Tap ad" button to get additional point.
You can get point with tapping other ads in app.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no sound when playing videos
Check whether your iPhone/iPad is in silent mode.
You can also force the sound to play by turning on "Ingore mute switch" in settings.
Nothing is displayed on the video list screen
Check whether Ugotoru is turned on (OK to allow access to photos and videos) in Settings -> Privacy -> Photos on your iPhone/iPad.
I want to watch web-based video like YouTube, etc.
Temporarily save them using an app capable of saving web-based video to your iPhone/iPad's Camera Roll (photos) such as Clipbox.
Can I purchase Pro Mode time instead of viewing commercials?
We are currently in the process of implementing in-app payments for such purchases. Please wait for a future release.
I purchased Pro mode in the previous version of the Ugotoru app. Is that taken into account in this version?
We have a promotion that provides long-time users with a Pro Mode period lasting until November of 2017.
Can I extend my Pro Mode period through payments?
We are currently making preparations to allow in-app purchase. Please be patient for future releases.