Capturing Frames


Capture your favorite moments from your videos and save and share them as still images. You can use this feature to capture frames from your videos. Once added to your keep list, you can save or share multiple frames at once. You can also delete specific frames on your keep list or clear your entire keep list.
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Capturing frames from your videos

  1. Adjust your video to the frame that you want to capture.
  1. Tap the “Capture” button to add it to your keep list.
The captured frames on your keep list are only saved temporarily. They won’t be saved or shared yet.

Saving and sharing multiple captured frames

  1. Tap the “Export” button.
  1. Specify how you want to export your captures by selecting “Individually”, “Vertically”, or “Horizontally” on the Export Captures window.
  1. Specify whether you want to include the time code on your captures by toggling the “Time code” switch.
  1. Tap “Export” and choose where you want to export your captures.
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Deleting captured frames

  1. Hold down the captured frame in your keep list that you want to delete.
  1. Tap “Delete frame”.

Clearing your keep list

  1. Tap the “Clear” icon.