The Mirror is a digital mirror that harnesses your device’s technology to help you improve your sports and dance moves. Its unique features enable you to practice much more effectively and efficiently than with an ordinary mirror. The Mirror has two modes. The Guide Mirror allows you to imitate moves by overlaying a guide video directly onto your mirrored image. The Delay Mirror allows you to alternately concentrate on practicing your moves and on reviewing your moves. The Guide Mirror is recommended for beginners who want to first go over the basic motions, and the Delay Mirror is recommended for advanced users who have a firm grasp of their movements.
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Guide Mirror

  1. Set a comparison video from the Videos screen or Player.
  1. Tap the Mirror icon.
Learn how to use the Guide Mirror here.

Delay Mirror

  1. Tap the Mirror icon without setting a comparison video.
Learn how to use the Delay Mirror here.

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