Filter & Sort


Easily find the videos that you need by applying filters and sorting your videos. You can filter and sort your videos based on several criteria from the Filter & Sort screen. The settings you apply will be reflected in the Videos screen when you close the Filter & Sort screen. You can also remove filters and reset your settings.
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Displaying videos based on various criteria

  1. Tap the Filter tab to display filter settings.
  1. Specify the source type of the videos that you want to show (iOS only).
  1. Specify the date range of when the videos you want to show were created.
  1. Specify the day of the week when the videos you want to show were created.

Displaying videos in a specified order

  1. Tap the Sort tab to display sort settings.
  1. Specify whether you want to sort your videos based on date, length, or title.
  1. Specify whether you want your videos to be displayed in ascending or descending order.

Resetting filter/sort settings

  1. Tap “Reset” at the top left of the screen.
By default, your videos will be ordered by date (newest to oldest) with no filters applied.