Video Properties


View and edit various properties of your videos. From the Video Properties screen, you can check a video’s propertiesedit a video’s name, and change a video’s thumbnail image. You can also delete videos and select videos to compare.
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Viewing the properties of videos

  1. Hold down on a video that you want to view the properties of in the Videos screen.
In the Video Properties window, you can view the video’s thumbnail, name, duration, date, location, resolution, and frame rate. Some information may be missing depending on the type of video.

Renaming videos

  1. Tap the video’s name in the Video Properties screen.
  1. Enter a new name for the video and tap the “X”.

Changing video thumbnails

  1. Tap the thumbnail image in the Video Properties window.
  1. Slide on the thumbnail preview to choose a moment in the video that you want to use as the thumbnail.
  1. Tap “Done”.
You cannot change the thumbnail of videos saved to a cloud.

Deleting videos

  1. Tap “Delete” at the top left of the Video Properties window.
  1. Tap “Delete” in the confirmation screen.
Deleted videos cannot be recovered. You cannot delete home videos (videos synced from iTunes).

Selecting videos to use as a comparison video

  1. Tap the “Compare” icon at the bottom right of the Video Properties screen.