The Videos screen shows all the videos saved on your device or cloud.Pick videos to watch, select videos to compare, and check video properties.Renamefilter/sort, and tag your videos to quickly find the videos that you need.
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Selecting videos to watch

  1. Tap on the video you want to watch to open it in the Player.
The last video you played will be highlighted.

Selecting comparison videos

  1. Hold down on a video that you want to use as a comparison video.
  1. Tap the Compare icon at the bottom right of the Video Properties screen.
  1. The “Comparison Video” notification at the bottom of the screen indicates that your comparison video has been successfully set.
If you want to compare two videos in the Player, tap on the video that you want to compare with your selected comparison video. If you want to view your comparison video in the Mirror, tap the Mirror icon.

Viewing and editing video properties

  1. Hold down on a video to open the Video Properties screen.
Learn more about Video Properties here.

Changing the view mode

  1. Tap on the List/Tile icon at the bottom left of the screen.
You can switch between tile and list views.

Organizing videos using tags

  1. Swipe right to show a tag list that you want to add videos to.
  1. Tap “Edit” at the top left of the screen.
  1. Tap the videos that you want to add to the current tag list.
  1. Tap “Done”.
Learn more about tag lists and tagging here.

Filter & Sort

  1. Tap the Filter/Sort icon at the bottom right of the screen to show the Filter & Sort screen.
  1. Apply the settings that you want to apply and tap the “X”.
  1. You will now only see videos that match your settings.
Learn more about Filter & Sort here.

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